Is An Exodus From Drought Stricken California Imminent . . . Or Will It Just Burn Away?

As I write this, I’m looking out my window to what has pained us since the end of January . . . Snow! Actually, it’s a combination of snow, sleet and ice cold rain and it’s not at all comfortable or Spring like.  We have had over 110 inches of snow this year and it just doesn’t seem to want to let go. Everyone around here is praying for a sunny day with the temperature above 60 degrees.There are no leaves on the trees, no crocuses, no forsythia’s blooming and no green grass! We still have some snowbanks left and everything is gray and dull.

However, I am more concerned for the state of California and its neighbors out on the west coast because what we have gotten for precipitation on the east coast . . . they unfortunately, “have not.” I read a report the other day that mentioned California has only one years supply of water left unless they receive some beneficial rain pretty soon.  Well, what happens if they don’t get any rain? Is there a solution to the problem? If California runs out of water and people can’t bathe or shower then there are going to be a lot of stinky, ripe Californians! And what about the livestock and produce that so many of us depend upon from the great state of California?

I have to wonder if there will be a mass exodus of the Californian population before it, well, goes up in flames after that one single lightning bolt sets the entire state on fire. Don’t think it’s possible? Well my friends . . . It Is!   I also have to wonder;  if they do get rain, how much of that will actually seep into the ground or will it just run off causing horrific mudslides?

I wish we could make a deal with our west coast neighbors where we would send them some water if they sent us some sunshine and warmer temperatures. Seriously though, how do you supply water to a state that takes up almost the entire west coast when you just don’t have any? Has anyone, anyone at all even put forth a plan of action just in case?

What are your thoughts, what do you think can or should be done if California runs out of water?


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