Hey Check Out My Basket . . . Of Eggs That Is!

Last night was our official Easter Egg dying party and as usual this morning my fingers are stained a wide variety of pastel colors that may come off by mid June. My granddaughter is 4 this year so  it was actually just a tad bit more organized than last year’s fiasco of “how many eggs can we drop and crack and how many different colors can you mix together to form an oozing grayish mass?” Also, unlike last year, we did not play the game; “how many cups of vinegar-egg-stinking water can we knock over in 15 minutes?” Ya, that was fun!

I still have about a half dozen eggs that need to be colored and I think I’m going to go all artsy fartsy on them later on. I have a couple of cool ideas. Now all I have to do is see if they work! Next year we’ll have Finn dye them with us, he’s only 2 and I think he would have probably just picked them up and hurled them across the room this year so I erred on the side of caution. Even though my kitchen smelt like sulfur city, we had a ton of fun being together and creating as a family.

So, here’s a picture of my beautiful grandchildren and our awesome colored eggs

Wednesday Renee
Wednesday Renee
Winnie and Finn
Winnie and Finn
Easter eggs
Easter eggs





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