Who Was The Real Jesus . . . Who Is He To You?

With Easter approaching this Sunday and all the commercials on television for shows that either tell the story of Jesus or make an attempt to enlighten viewers of their opinions, it really got me thinking about Jesus . . . as a person. Now when I ask you; “Who Was The Real Jesus?” I’m not looking for the ever popular, generic, sometimes overused answer; “He is my savior, the son of God, the King of Kings.” That’s not what I mean, anyone can use that as their fall back answer. Don’t forget, he was flesh and blood just like the rest of us. He felt pain and sorrow as well as joy and happiness.  So, without using the generic answer; “Who was the real Jesus and who is he to you?”

And now for the ten million dollar question; “Who was Jesus to me?”

Remember, these are my personal feelings and are not, in the slightest bit or in anyway, meant to offend or disrespect anyone or their own personal beliefs. I am not a judgmental person.

I guess the first question I should ask myself is; “Do I believe that Jesus is the son of God?” Well, I believe that we are all  sons and daughters of the divine presence we personally believe in. I also believe that some people are born with extraordinary gifts and are sent here to Earth for the betterment of mankind.  If you are going to say that Jesus is the son of God, then you also must say that Muhammad, Buddha and many other spiritual leaders are the sons of God too, for not to do so would be hypocritical.

I understand that faith has a great deal to do with it, but I am also a firm believer that just because something is written down somewhere does not make it factual. If we are to believe that Jesus was capable of healing the sick (which I do believe is possible) then I believe that he was one of the first Master Reiki Practitioners to grace our planet. I believe he was a compassionate, sensitive and spiritual being whose philosophy and teachings were way ahead of his time. It does make me angry to know that his personal teachings have been changed and morphed to fit societies  ideals and unrealistic regulations.

I believe that Jesus was a human being with human desires, wants and needs and I also believe that he most definitely could have fathered children with Mary Magdeline. Why not? Were any of us there to witness his life? Personally, I think he would have made an unbelievable father and teacher to his children. Again, just because it’s not written, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I try to transport myself back to the time of Jesus and I realize that anyone back then could have written down what they wanted to, not what was the truth. Therefore, anything is possible, even the fact that Jesus could have been married and had children.

I do not believe that he died for our sins. Think about it . . . humans had been around tens and tens of thousands of years before Jesus was even born and I’m sure that none of them even knew what a sin was. Sins were created to frighten the masses into believing that they were unacceptable as humans. Yes, I believe that certain behaviors are despicable, deplorable and just plain wrong, but are they sins or just part of the human experience?

Jesus was unfortunately punished for his progressive teachings even though they were all about love, compassion and acceptance. Was he resurrected from the dead? I sincerely don’t know and can’t say either way. I wasn’t there, I didn’t witness it and just because it’s written down that it happened doesn’t make it true. Am I saying that it didn’t happen? Nope, it could have happened just as easily as the whole concept was fabricated.

What I do believe is that he was a truly gifted spiritual being of divine light who fought hard to assist humans in becoming more compassionate, more loving and more understanding of our fellow brothers and sisters. He saw the injustice against good people and wanted it changed, he saw poverty and wanted abundance for all and he saw hatred and wanted love between all. None of these are bad qualities or unrealistic,goals, but they are just as much a challenge today as they were back then, maybe even more.  When I think of Jesus, the man, I think of love, humility and peace. And that’s not a bad thing.

“Who was Jesus to you?”



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