ISIS . . . Are They The Beginning Of A New World Order


Maybe Our World Governments Want Them To Take Over The World

   Something Smells Fishy . . . and It Ain’t The Sushi


Sometimes I have to wonder if the so called human population is really awake and attuned to what’s going on around them. Take ISIS for example, Yes, I know, the word is painful to read never mind to speak, but what is being done about their advancement in the Middle East or for that matter, throughout the world? It appears to me that the correct response is . . . nothing!

Sure, the media shoves a big, old, load of scripted words down our throat- both praising the united front against them, but also to tell us how much territory they have infiltrated and taken over. So my question is this; If the entire media population knows where they are, shouldn’t all the “intelligent” governments of the world? I mean, seriously, am I wrong here?

As I sit in my living room and watch the government controlled media on television, I am bombarded with stories of how my government (U.S.) has the superior technology to hack into my Emails, phone calls, text messages and even the tiny little camera on my laptop (Thank you Mr. Snowden) to see where I am, what I’m doing and who I’m with at all times. Really? Apparently, they even have the technology (Google Earth) to let them know what business I’m taking care of in the bathroom . . . But It’s Impossible for Them to Find ISIS and Destroy Them! Something smells really fishy here and it isn’t the catch of the day!

Wake up world!!! How many times have you watched the news and seen videos of ISIS members marching down a street, flags waving, horns beeping and guns firing? What, the world governments can’t see that in real time? So only the media and the rest of the population of the world know where they are and what street they’re marching down? In the words of Miss Chi Chi Rodriguez from Too Wong Foo; “I Don’t Think So!”

Something about the way this situation is being handled just isn’t right. For starters; How many of them (ISIS) are there and how many troops (from around the world) are there? I think it would be fair to say that the “peace” keeping troops outnumber ISIS ten to one. But we can’t locate and dismantle them? Hmmm . . . I find that very difficult to believe and I’m insulted that our government would think that we’re too stupid to notice this. Let me ask you something; Are you that stupid that you can’t see how nothing about this ordeal makes sense?

I am so sick and tired of turning on the television just to be shown a video of ISIS out in the open for the whole world to see, oh . . . and record, but you never see them being taken down. Why? Has it occurred to anyone else that maybe, just maybe, a large number of governments are in on this whole thing and “want” a New World Order with ISIS as the founding fathers? Crazy? Is it? Am I being paranoid or have you just not woken up yet? Should we do the math again? Let’s see; the “peace” keeping troops greatly outnumber the savages so I propose that there is definitely something wrong with this equation. “Nothing seems to add up!”

At the beginning of their savage, inhuman, unforgiveable, terror assaults, I assumed they were solely directed towards “human beings” from “free” countries, but now they’re even brutally assaulting and killing their Muslim brethren. And again . . . the militaries don’t know where they are? What an (expletive) joke! All anyone has to do is sincerely think about “every piece of advanced, superior, technology” our governments have at their disposal and then tell me that you don’t think there’s some kind of cover-up or worse going on here. There’s that fishy smell again . . . pew!

I’m not a technical Guru, computer genius or world leader, but conversely, I’m also not a stupid person. As a matter of fact, I consider myself an extremely intelligent person who can think for himself and not be forced to think like the masses. I often, truly, wonder though; “how or why is it that the rest of humanity can’t or doesn’t want to face or see the truth that our governments (the ones that are supposed to protect us) know exactly where ISIS is, where they’re going, how they’re getting there, what they’re up to and when they’re going to do it, but aren’t doing a blessed thing to prevent, stop, control or destroy them? Please don’t tell me that you are not aware of the mind blowing technology the government possesses because if you’re that naïve, then maybe you should come out from underneath that rock and join the enlightened ones.

The next time you watch the news and they start showing videos of ISIS, I want you to ask yourself these questions; why is it that I am being shown a video of this terrorist group out in the open and why is it that nothing is being done about it? Clearly, if the media is broadcasting it and me and everyone else in the world can see it, do you really, honestly, think that the world governments aren’t seeing it? Are you starting to smell the fishes, you know, the ones called deception, conspiracy and agenda?

Maybe it’s time for the world’s population of “good” people to make some intentional noise and start screaming at the powers that be informing them that we will not partake in their deception and can no longer believe them when they produce excuse after excuse after excuse about why they can’t take down ISIS. Well my elected officials; if you can singularly locate me out of hundreds of millions of people and pinpoint my whereabouts at any given time of the day and tell me when I last had a bowel movement, brushed my teeth or picked up personal hygiene products at CVS or Walgreens, then you my elected officials should clearly and without any doubt be able to locate a bunch of psychotic, demon, savages and wipe them out! So let it be written . . . so let it be done!



3 thoughts on “ISIS . . . Are They The Beginning Of A New World Order

    • Exactly! If their savage attacks were directed at only one group of people, I could see a government not having the resources to take them down, but their attacks are against everyone, every country, big and small so together they should all be able to take care of the problem.

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      • It makes you step back and look at the world in a different light…..with the prevalence of spirituality you would think; humans could learn to live together, instead we’re just getting worse 🙂

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