Some of you may know this and some of you are finding this out for the first time, but I was born with a few very special gifts. One of these gifts has been passed down through my family from generation to generation and it is the “The Gift Of Psychic Ability.” Ya, I know, there are so many people out there who say they have psychic abilities, but are full of the proverbial bull poopoo, but I am not one of them. My grandmother (on my mother’s side), was of Abenaki (which means “real people”) Indian heritage and she also had the gift. (that’s what she called it) She passed away when I was six years old, but I vividly remember her holding me and saying something to my mother like; “noses-tolkima-awosis-obomsawin”  which loosely translated (according to my mother) and I mean loosely translated means; my grandson, the child, awaken, he will lead or guide. She knew I had the gift from the minute I was born. My mother had it also, but she was terrified of it and really didn’t speak much about it  for fear of me being frightened of it too.

I must admit . . . when I was old enough to understand certain things, it scared the living tar out of me. For one thing, spirits were attracted to me and I could never understand why it was that when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, the faces of people I’d never met before scrolled in front of me. I would later find out that they were spirits from the other side trying to use me as a sort of messenger. As I grew older, I somewhat learned how to control the visitors from the other side, but I was really never super thrilled about the whole thing. Hey, at least I was finally able to accept who I was and not feel like some circus freak.   You’ll be able to read more about it when I publish my new book; “I Am Perfectly Changed And Awesome!” Hopefully it will be finished in a month or so. But anyway . . .

After we moved into our house (it was my wife’s parents house and was built in1763)   paranormal incidents began happening on a daily basis. I knew the house had other worldly inhabitants as I had been coming into this house since I was a teenager and could always feel and sometimes see some of the spirits that roamed about freely. My father-in-law knew too and I remember being speechless the day he told me that he was well aware the house was haunted. He wouldn’t say how or why he knew, but I could clearly see that he was not joking. Not in the least little bit. At the beginning, most of the incidents were benign and quirky, but at one point they advanced to nerve rattling and genuinely scary.  One of those incidents led me to renounce my gift and bury it away so I would never have to deal with it again. It didn’t work. Well, it did, sort of, for awhile, but the incident I’m writing about now was the first of two that pushed me to the limit.

The picture you’re about to see is genuine and the incident is too. The entire story would probably take up five pages so I’m going to reduce it to its bare minimum. Here goes; One night while I was sleeping I kept having this overwhelming feeling that I was being watched by someone or something. It wasn’t a scary feeling, it was more like sad and melancholy. I got up around 5am to use the bathroom, came back to my room and got back into bed. My wife got up ten seconds later and did the same. Only when she got back into bed, she said to me; “What the hell, my feet are all wet. I turned on the light as she took the covers off her feet and all I saw was . . . RED, as in BLOOD RED!  Her feet had blood all over them. I jumped out of bed, grabbed her and ran her into the bathroom. I washed her feet in the tub looking for, well, I don’t know what and . . . NOTHING! Not one cut, scrape, slice . . . nothing!

How could that be? We both ran back to the bedroom and stopped dead in our tracks There on the floor were several small pools of blood about a footstep length apart. The largest was at the foot of our bed on my side. As if we were reading each others mind’s, we took off out of the room checking on the kids and cats. Fine, everyone was sleeping and perfectly fine. We ran back to the room and just stood there in disbelief, staring and completely speechless. Our daughters had joined us because by now the whole house was awake from our panic tirade. Some of the blood had already started to coagulate, but we still had absolutely no idea how and why it was there. I grabbed my camera, took a few pictures and sat on the floor unable to comprehend what was going on.

We were all terrified and now came the part where we had to clean it up. I didn’t even want to go back in there.  Neither me nor my wife would sleep in that room for almost two weeks and I wouldn’t let anyone inside it either. The answers I was looking for randomly came to me one morning during my meditation. It was the spirit who had been watching me that night. She had once lived in that house over a hundred years ago and sadly, it was where she had a miscarriage. It all made sense now . . . well, sort of, but HOW DID SHE DO THAT? She had returned looking for the baby she lost on that day so long, long, ago. Nothing of that nature has happened since, but we did have an even scarier incident take place and I came within a day of putting the house up for sale. But that’s a story for another day . . . .

ghostly spot of blood
ghostly spot of blood
ghostly blood spot
ghostly blood spot

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