The Chameleon Is Open For Business . . . Copywriting That is!

Chameleon  Copywriting
Chameleon Copywriting


Starting your own business can be a very stressful endeavor. Now, try imagining starting a business when you’re 50+ years old. Well, that’s just what I did! After I became disabled, I had to medically retire from my jobs as a mailman and a dancer/performer. It was a nightmare and I wasn’t even fifty years old yet. Imagine going from peak physical condition to having to learn to walk again . . . and just about everything else. It was a massive struggle, but I accomplished things that I wasn’t expected too.  It’s called courage, determination, strength and faith.

I made a decision that I needed to reinvent myself and study and work hard at it. I began taking courses in copywriting and  it was a perfect fit. I am now a freelance copywriter who specializes in alternative medicine, fundraising and sales content marketing. I write Email and Print sales pages as well as donation letters sure to increase your conversion rate. I can create a super lead magnet that attracts potential clients to your website.

I am open for business and the name of my business is; Chameleon Direct Marketing and Copy. Do you own a business or work for an organization that needs to raise money or increase sales? Does someone you know? If yes, I would certainly appreciate the chance to show you how I can help your business or organization. I would be grateful if you would pass my business information on to anyone you think might benefit from my services. I have plenty of life experiences and would gladly talk with you about how to increase sales and donations.

I hope you can find it in your heart to help the newly reinvented me find success in my new endeavor. Many thanks and blessings to you!


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