The Difference Between A Pity Party And The Truth

I don’t have pity parties, I have moments of truth. There is a difference. A pity party is when someone sits around feeling sorry for themselves for a vast number of reasons looking for attention both positive and negative. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s attention. For example; A pity party could be because a person thinks they look fat when they see themselves in a mirror and are seeking someone, anyone to boost their ego by telling them that  their not fat. A truth is; when a person has gained a great deal of weight because of reasons beyond their control and know that the mirror speaks the truth.

After I became disabled, I had plenty of pity parties, but I soon realized that having them was not going to change my situation in any way, shape or form so I shifted my energy  to living in the truth. Let me tell you, the truth can hurt deeper than anyone can imagine, but the reality of it is; it also makes you seek out a solution to the problem. That’s exactly what I did and it wasn’t an easy task . . that’s the truth!

Lately, I’ve been having too many “truth” moments and have been desperately seeking out solutions. I have been busy creating my own websites lately with the intentions of being able to make some desperately needed extra cash. Funny thing though, I have also found out that I really and seriously enjoy creating content for these sites too. The “truth” is; I don’t have a clue how to monetize my websites and that’s a truth that makes me angry.

I refuse to give up looking for solutions and right now my goal is to get as many followers as I can to visit and subscribe to my websites. Hopefully as I study and learn more, the process of monetizing my sites will become easier and profitable. I know and understand it is something that takes time, unless you’re one of the lucky ones. Well, if you get a chance, swing over to my other sites and drop me a line. Here they are


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