Cooking With An Antique Stove





My Chambers Stove
My Chambers Stove
My circa 1939 Chambers Stove
My circa 1939 Chambers Stove


My stove is older than your stove . . . nah, nah, na, nah, na (cue raspberry sound)  Yes, it’s true, this is the dinosaur I use to cook most of my appetizers, meals and goodies with for “Cooking In A Little Kitchen” It is a circa 1939 Chambers Stove. Now let me tell you what makes this stove different from every other stove on the market today . . . It was made to last forever!

I am totally serious when I tell you that my stove was manufactured in 1939 and has stood in that same spot since 1942 when my wife’s family moved into this house. It has been cooking meals for 73 years and the history it has seen is impressive. Think about it for a minute . . . this stove was cooking culinary dishes when a color television was considered a luxury item and microwaves didn’t even exist.

There were no such things as laptops, PC’s, iPads or Smart Phones when this stove was built and an apple was something you either ate or baked with. This stove cooked the evening meal when a family gathered around a big, clunky, television to watch the first man (Neil Armstrong) walk on the moon. My Chambers Stove has cooked many evening meals to eat before shows like BeWitched, All In The Family, The Brady Bunch and Barney Miller to The Cosby Show, Sixty Minutes, Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory.

My Chambers Stove is a heavyweight weighing in at somewhere between 300 and 400 pounds.  Do I like or enjoy cooking on and with my Chambers Stove? Absolutely NOT!  I know, I know, shame on me, shame on me, but in all seriousness, the oven is so small you are limited to how many items you can put in there at once. I think the max is . . 2!  One if your cooking a turkey or chicken. There is no electric start so every time I have to use it, I must use a match or charcoal starter lighter.  The only benefit of that is if the power goes out . . I can still cook all the food that is going to spoil in the fridge.

Yup, it’s antique . . .and it has seen many children grow up, get married and have children of their own and it has cooked something for every one of them. The problem is; I love to cook, but have limited space and limited ways of cooking because it is so old. I would give anything to have an updated kitchen with one of those extra-large gas stoves with a grill in the middle and a convection/microwave oven directly above it. But that cost’s money. Money that I don’t have, but wish I did. I guess there’s no harm in dreaming, right? So in parting I have one last thing to say to you . . .

“My stove’s older than your stove, nah, na, nah, na, nah” (cue raspberry sound)

My 1939 Chambers Stove
My 1939 Chambers Stove



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