UFO’s In Manitoba . . . Could People Handle The Truth . . . What Is The Truth?

I am a firm believer in UFO’s and Aliens. It’s short and to the point, but it’s also the truth. Oh, and it’s probably because when I was a kid, I witnessed a UFO hovering over the pond in the back of my house. It happened in 1968 and almost thirty years later my mother sat me down and told me the truth about what I saw that night. She said; “You weren’t dreaming, it was a UFO, but your father and I didn’t want to frighten you or have you blabbing about it to your friends at school.” Can you say; “Whoa, flashback!”  I also believe that we presently have direct contact with extraterrestrials and have had contact for decades. The world’s governments have denied the truth to the people for way too long, but in an almost sympathetic way, I understand why they have made the decision to deny the truth. (Even though I think it’s not fair)

Most people say they could handle the truth if the governments came right out and told them the facts, but I sincerely have to wonder if people could handle the truth.  Think about it for a minute, think about how the world we presently living in would change. Would there be world wide chaos? Would religions and governments fall by the wayside in complete and total anarchy? I’d like to believe the answer to those questions is no, but basing what would would happen on the self-gratifying, arrogant, conduct and attitude a large number of people in this world have, my heart says; “Yes, they would.”

So maybe, just maybe, the government will let us believe as much as they feel we can handle and deny the rest. My reason for writing this is; supposedly on February 19, 2015, a UFO landed (crashed) in the frigid water in JackHead, Manitoba Canada on a reservation. It was witnessed by many, but the military didn’t waste any time surrounding the lake with a wide variety of vehicles. The word coming out of there is that military personnel are going house to house confiscating any photo’s, videos or other recording devices and telling people they are not allowed to come out of their homes. Not because of the crash, but because it’s so cold they’ll get frostbite. Really? They live in friggin Canada, I’m sure they know how to handle at least the cold weather. One report also stated that communication by cell phones etc . .  had been cut off and absolutely no one was allowed to leave the reservation.

This is one of those times when clearly, the government is covering up something that could change the world. You don’t go through all that to rescue a balloon! I really do believe the time has come for the truth. The longer governments wait as more UFO incidents are reported and witnessed, the harder it will be to keep the truth hidden.  I’m waiting for someone or several residents of JackHead Manitoba who have brass kahuna’s  to send out pictures or videos backing up this story. Hopefully all the residents weren’t that stupid to actually hand over  “all” photographic and video evidence. I believe that we are being handed a big old piece of “Cover-up” pie by the Canadian government. And to think I once thought that the Canadian government was more progressive and enlightened than to stoop  to that “cover-up” level. I wonder when the “MEN IN BLACK” are going to show up in Manitoba? I hope they brought their winter coats, hats and mittens . . . we wouldn’t want them to catch frostbite now, would we?


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