Birds Of A Feather, Flock . . Um, With Squirrels?

Moose and Squirrel . . . um, nope . . . Crow and Squirrel
Moose and Squirrel . . . um, nope . . . Crow and Squirrel


Friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors and . . . animals!  I don’t think that I would have believed this without actually seeing it, but I think it’s true love. Well, on a platonic level anyway  The other day I heard a very, very, large crow making a racket and squawking up a storm. I’m not an expert on birds, so please correct me if I’m wrong about what kind of bird this is. For all I know it could be a Raven.

Anyway, upon getting to my back door, I looked up into the tree in our backyard and had to do a double take. There sitting on one of the branches was Mr. crow and Mr. squirrel hanging out together like best buddies enjoying each others company. At first I thought it was a fluke, but they hung out together for like a half hour!

Today I watched Mr. crow land on the same branch and let out an ear piercing screech. Within seconds, Mr. squirrel was running up the tree to join him on their favorite branch. Seriously? I must be seeing things, this can’t be real. Well, they traveled together around all the branches occasionally stopping to stare deep into each others loving eyes.

They both left and I swear they gave each other a kiss before parting. No kidding, they came back a few hours later and again, Mr. crow called for his best friend Mr. squirrel and within seconds Mr. squirrel was back in the tree chatting with his bff. O K, is this normal? It really is kind of funny and it’s made me rethink the true meaning of friendship and friends.

Blessings to all my friends . . humans and animals!


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