ISIS . . . Shouldn’t We Be Asking Our Governments . . . Why?

I hardly ever watch the morning news. Well, that’s unless I really want to start my day off by absorbing nothing but complete and total negativity, death and torture. Seriously, I know and understand that it’s important to stay informed about what’s going on in the world, but I’d rather have the choice to read about it instead of having it shouted at me by some overzealous news anchor. This way, I have control over the events and incidents I choose to read about.  This morning my wife turned the news on and I counted how many horrible stories were reported on in a five minute time period. Every story except one dealt with some form of negativity and torture and more than anything else, it made me angry.

Did you realize that watching only five minutes of a newscast can make you lose complete and total faith in all of humanity? The one story that made me incredibly pissed off was the reporting of the assassination of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS. They set him on fire and watched him burn to death. Let that set in for a moment, The members of ISIS are nothing but cowards and sadistic pigs who think the world is looking at them with fear and  submissiveness when in fact the world is looking at them as cowardly, repulsive, evil, tyrants who have absolutely no respect for human life.

What makes me even more angry is the fact that not one nation, not one government agency has done anything about them. I’m beginning to think that the governments around the world are somehow involved with them and are turning their backs on the people they represent. For God’s sake, in a matter of seconds and at any time, certain U.S. government agencies can find out where I am, who I’m with and what I’m doing in the bathroom. “But yet they can’t find and destroy the members of ISIS?” coincidence? They can create spectacular vehicles to sail through the galaxy towards distant planets and stars . . .but they can’t find the members of ISIS? They can watch me through the webcam of my computer and spy on me as I do my grocery shopping with Google Earth . . . but they can’t find and destroy the members of ISIS?

Am I missing something here other than the fact that I won’t be watching the news anytime in the near future?  C’mon people on this planet . . .Wake Up! Isn’t it about time we all started asking . . .“WHY?”


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