Global Warming . . . Um, Could Someone Please Tell Winter That!

It’s very, very, difficult to think of global warming when the temperature outside right now is 3 degrees and over the last week you’ve gotten almost four and a half feet of snow. I mean, I know global warming is real, but it would be extremely difficult to persuade anyone around here of that right now. Who knows, maybe we’re getting these butt-kicking blizzards because of “global warming.”  Is it possible that global warming is responsible for the magnanimous amount of moisture being carried and lifted up over us into the “Polar Vortex”  causing unfathomable amounts of snow to fall and the wind to howl and gust to hurricane force sometimes? What do you think?

I am willing to bet that as of right now, the North Shore of Massachusetts has got more snow on the ground than Anchorage Alaska. The kids are happy because they haven’t had to go to school, but they won’t be so happy when they don’t get out for summer vacation until the middle of July.  People are being advised to stay off the roads and my wife hasn’t had work in two days.  The World Champion Patriots victory parade was supposed to be today, but has been postponed until tomorrow so the city can get the streets cleared of all the stupid snow!

Somewhere behind and beneath the almost nine foot wall of snow is my backyard and I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing it again until maybe June.  Oh sure . . .now they’re predicting another three or four inches of snow on Thursday night. They might as well just give us a paper cut and pour salt in the wound.  Well, I guess it’s time I go outside and try to find my car . . . and my driveway , Oh . . .and then hope the damn car starts after digging it out!  Summer, Summer, where fore art thou my noble Summer? I begeth thee to return to us and save our sorry lot from thee deathly grip of winter. I’m not to desperate, am I?

Wall of Snow
Wall of Snow
Wall of snow
Wall of snow


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