The Domestic God Bakes A Birthday Cake . . . For The First Time!

My Little Pony Birthday Cake
My Little Pony Birthday Cake


My Little Pony Birthday Cake
My Little Pony Birthday Cake


Do you hear that clapping sound? That’s me patting myself on the back for creating my very first cake , , , Birthday Cake To be Exact! I love to cook and I know baking is a big part of cooking, but I really never had the kahuna’s to attempt it. Sure, I used to help my mother bake homemade bread, but I never even thought about baking and frosting a birthday cake.

The “Original Domestic God” gets an A+ on this project and I can now add it to my list of culinary accomplishments. The beauty of it is; I am no longer fearful of baking, well . . . anything!

So, yesterday I didn’t write any posts about anything because I was too busy party planning and making sure everything was as perfect as it could be for my granddaughters 4th birthday party. I am very blessed that my grandchildren live in the apartment above my wife and I (we own a two family home) and I have such a great relationship with my granddaughter. We are best buddies!

I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday and she said; “Papa, I want you to make my cake, you can make it lots of colors, like rainbows and horsies!” Are you serious, me, make a cake? I tried to convince her to go with either a bakery cake or supermarket cake, but arguing with her was pointless and I caved . . . big time!

“What kind of cake do you want Papa to make?” I asked, frightened of the answer I was going to receive. “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Waaaaaaaaaant . . . . a My Little Pony Cake!” She said, clutching three multi-colored little ponies in her hand. Dread set in fast as I realized I had no clue what a “My Little Pony Cake” would even remotely resemble. With a smile on my face, I gave her a hug and said; “O K, Papa will make you a My Little Pony cake!”


After some careful research, I came up with a kick-butt plan for a My Little Pony Cake. Now, I had to actually make and build it with about as much experience making a cake as my granddaughter had. I decided to go with a three layered cake, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, with multi-colored frosting. Speaking of frosting, “How the hell do you frost a cake?” Oh boy, oh boy, what did I get myself into?

I searched the internet and found a video on “how to frost a cake” and took the speed frosting course 101. Next, (with my daughter’s advice) I went to our local supermarket and bought three small tubs of different colored frosting from their bakery department and then I was off to the “Party Store” Dear lord, what did I get myself into . . . Help! Who knew there were so many decorations for My Little Pony . . . .SCORE!


Cakes baked . . . check

Frosting bought . . .check

Decorations . . . check

And then the proverbial light went on. Instead of making each cake exactly level, I’ll tilt them a little and make it look like the ponies are racing up a winding road to the top of the mountain! So I put it together, frosted the cakes and got the pony race started. The cake went over like I “hoped” it would and my granddaughter absolutely loved it. “SUCCESS” Oh, and with the extra frosting, I made sugar cookies, frosted them and made rainbows out of M&M’s on top of them. Honestly, it was a ton of work and it made me realize that I like cooking a whole lot more than baking!

Namaste my friends annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd . . . Bake On!


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