Are Your Emotions Keeping You Down . . . Why Don’t You Ask Your Thoughts?

 “Don’t Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You.”

Why do you think that is? Well, I’ll tell you why.

     Your emotions and your thoughts are one in the same. They are directly related to each other. I want you to go to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself. The physical, flesh and bones you see standing there is “thought,” but, the person staring back at you is “emotion.” How you are feeling at this very moment is a perfect reflection of what you are thinking– even if you’re not aware of it. Every minute of every day you have a gazillion thoughts whipping around in your mind like an F-5 tornado. The problem is . . . you can only be aware of one thought at a time. This is why your emotions are a perfect match to your thoughts. Your emotions tell you what to think in that moment. Are you following this? Let me give you a couple of examples so that you may understand my point a little better.

If you’re feeling super happy, then you’re probably thinking about something totally awesome that is happening right now or has previously happened. Conversely, if you’re feeling really pissed off, then you’re most likely thinking about someone or something that is or has truly upset you very recently or in the past.

Every thought you think conjures up an emotion, it’s that simple. Have you ever been sad, angry, depressed, and not known the reason why you were feeling that way? Chances are you were probably thinking about a negative issue and your emotions answered back.

When this happens to me, I stop and ask: “who or what am I thinking about right now, at this moment?” The answer usually corresponds directly to the emotion that I am feeling which lets me know that I must change my thoughts from negative to positive. Of course, there are times when I can’t pinpoint exactly what I was thinking of, but I know that whatever I was thinking about made my emotions shift abruptly. Remember what I stated earlier? Sometimes you don’t even know you’re having negative thoughts. (your subconscious mind is wicked powerful!) When this happens, I just acknowledge that I must have been thinking in a negative manner and immediately begin the reversal from negative to positive.

You should never doubt the power of your  ingenious emotions and please don’t slam the door in their faces. Instead, try this;  open the door, give them a hug, and ask the question: “Why am I feeling this way?” Keep in mind that your emotions are a reflection of what you are thinking. To apply this modality takes dedication, practice and patience, but with determination you will succeed in mastering your thoughts.

Now that you’ve got that, here’s the skinny on; emotions, the Law of Attraction and manifesting your desires. Did you know that emotions emit a frequency? Yup, they do, and it sends out one hell of a mammoth signal to the universe.

Emotions are powerful, they can either help you manifest your desires or be an endless roadblock. Positive emotions will open the door to awesome manifesting, but negative emotions will give you nothing but Jack shit because all you are attracting is more negativity.

The Universe responds directly to what you are thinking/feeling. The law is perfect! If you are miserable every day and just sit back and dwell upon it, then you are clearly stating to the Universe that you are awesomely happy about feeling this way. The Universe will then respond by giving you more things to be miserable about. YOU are the creator, I cannot stress this enough. The opposite is also true in the fact that if you focus on positive feelings, you will attract more positive outcomes. The more positive feelings you have, the more positivity you will attract.

I know what you’re thinking right now. “ How the hell am I going to walk around all day being a wicked happy ball of sunshine?” The answer is: “With patience, acknowledgement and gratitude.” No one is asking you to go through your day with a perpetual plastic smile plastered on your face. It is a normal thing, a human thing, to experience various emotions throughout your day. My point is this: During the day you should periodically check in with yourself and clear out any negativity that you may be feeling or that you may have absorbed. The more you do this, the more you gain control of your thoughts/emotions. If you sincerely practice this application, you will see amazing improvements in your life within a few weeks or as little as a few days.

When you start your manifesting journey, you may want to put reminder cards in places that you will see during your day to help you, well, remind you to “Check In With Yourself!”

Namaste my friends!


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