“Banana-Bangarangabang . . . Banana-Bang-a-rang-a-bang . . . Ice Cream Heaven

I sincerely wish I had a picture of my unique creation, but I never even thought about it until after it was all gone. Now when I say gone, I mean like everyone was fighting over who got to lick the bottom of the pan! Well, maybe they didn’t take it that far, but when I make it again, I’m going to make damn sure I get a picture. The absolute, hysterical truth about this ice cream concoction is; I created it as I went along. Let me set the stage and the production line for my version of “Creating On Your feet!”

It had just been one of those days when I felt like I was living in several other dimensions. You know the ones, the days when your mind is going faster than your body and its physical limitations. One of those days when you bend down to pick something up and end up kicking it farther away from you, but you continue to try it again and the same thing happens. You know “stupid is, as stupid does!” And then I turn around and my dog (who’s been giving me hints that he needs to go out and take care of business) has accidentally done his business and I step in it! Ya, you know those kind of days!

The icing on the proverbial cake is when my wife tells me that she has invited our friends over that night to eat pizza, consume beverages and play games (I love games) Anyway, I had to think of something to make for dessert because there was no way I was getting to the grocery store, it just wasn’t happening.  So like a madman, I ran around my little kitchen scoping out the cabinets, refrigerator and freezer for edible dessert ingredients. And then I got an idea . . .could I make it work . . . I guess we’d just have to see. It’s no secret that I am completely and totally addicted to ice cream and could have 3 or4 half gallons of it in the freezer at one time. Oh, and that doesn’t include novelty ice creams like bars, cookies and sandwiches. So here’s how it goes, follow along with me now, you’ll love it. Don’t forget I’m winging this! I’ll start with the ingredients I used.


3 different kinds of ice cream softened just a little bit at room temperature. (not to much, you don’t want soup) I used ( because it was in my freezer) chocolate, Cherry Garcia and strawberry.

1 package of Klondike bars (6 or 8) any flavor, I had the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ones, You can use whatever brand of ice cream bars you want-don’t forget, I’m winging this!

1 container of cool whip, whipped cream ( canned or homemade, your choice)

2 banana’s slice into small pieces

Hot fudge (I had a jar in my cabinet) (Chocolate syrup is fine too) warmed up in microwave

1 or 2 cans crushed or chunk pineapple (sweetened of course)  drained.

Strawberries, mashed and sweetened (I had frozen ones in my freezer that I thawed in micro, mashed and added a little sugar)

Large, deep, baking pan


First, I placed the Klondike bars in the bottom of the baking pan. Next, start scooping ice cream over bars dividing it into thirds and spread out. Another words, you’ll have a stripe of chocolate, a stripe of vanilla and a stripe of strawberry, hence divide in thirds.

Put half the banana slices over the ice cream. Just like you did with the ice cream, do the same thing with the hot fudge, pineapple and strawberries. Each one gets a third of the pan. It doesn’t matter the order they’re in, it’s your choice.

Cover the entire pan with the cool whip or whipped cream and top with remaining banana’s. Cover pan with plastic wrap or foil, your choice and place it in the freezer for at least an hour. Remove from freezer and let it soften at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes before serving. I promise it will be gone quicker than you can scoop it! “What do you call this?” my friend asked. I said . . . “Um, Um, Banana-bangarangabang” I shouted out joyfully proud and having absolutely no idea where that name came from! It’s said exactly how it’s written “Banana- bang-a rang-a-bang”

Slice it with a spatula or just spoon it out into bowls. If your pan is big enough and you have a ton of the ingredients, you can layer it like a lasagna, alternating the order of everything. The ice cream bars are an awesome bottom and act like a pie crust. Get imaginative it’s your  “Banana- Bangarangabang”   



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