Putting Paris In Prospective . . . A Humble Man’s View!

I remember growing up thinking that a wonderful, beautiful and peaceful world was in our future. True, I was young and knew nothing about politics, freedom of speech, terrorism and the justifications of war, but I could feel the need for peace and equality. That was the beginning of my journey as a Light Worker, Intuitive Healer and Energy Therapist, but I wouldn’t realize it until decades later. All I knew was; “I was different” I still am, but in a really good way, but then again, who am I to judge any person, place or thing in this Universe about being “different” in any sort of way?

I am also an Empath and it truly saddens me to see how we, as human’s, are treating each other, animals, and what is supposed to be our sacred home called Earth. You want to know something? I was so hopeful that my daughters generation would lead the way and create incredible, positive, changes in society, but instead it became worse. I am not an ignorant person and I do understand that evil, terrorism and injustice has been a significant part of our stay on this planet for thousands of years, but I sincerely can’t understand why “all” the good, kind and compassionate, people on Earth haven’t stood up together and just simply said; “Enough!”  I’d be willing to bet that the number of peaceful humans outnumbers those who aren’t by a margin of eighty to one.

What I don’t understand is what these terrorist’s are attempting to accomplish by killing and maiming other human beings. It proves nothing other than the ability to be barbaric, inhuman and cowardly.  I do not associate myself with any particular religion, but I am one hundred percent sure that in all holy books ever written about God (which just happens to be the same God no matter what name you give him/her) taking the life of another human is a mortal sin. There is no gray area here( unless it is in pure self defense), Killing another human in the name of any God is wrong!  I don’t care what religion you practice . . . It’s wrong! Nowhere on Earth is there any kind of sacred, holy, permission slip that allows you to play, speak or for that matter, “know” what God wants or thinks nor do you have the right to treat any man, woman or child as a second class citizen . . . Hey guys (you know who you are), “Women are not possessions and should be treated as your equal. Not better than,  not worse than, but . . . equal!

So what if the newspaper guy from Paris wrote and drew disparaging, disrespectful, things about the God you believe in. You know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong and also outwardly antagonizing, but . . .  We Should ALL Have the Freedom and Rights (as he did) to think, say, draw and speak what he wanted to and let me remind you there was no one twisting your arm forcing you to read or view it. That my friend is called The Freedom To Choose” And what about forgiveness, did you forget to read that chapter? It’s taught and written about in the holy books? I believe the lesson is called; “turning the other cheek.” It also does not give anyone the right to take away another person’s life just because they don’t have the same beliefs as you do.

It’s time for the entire planet of good people to once and for all stand up and say . . .ENOUGH!  Is terrorism, fear and hatred the legacy you want left to our children and grandchildren? Seriously? Instead of trying to make this planet a much better place for them, we’re voluntarily assisting in the destruction and desecration of it! What is wrong with everyone? Now, I can only hope above all hopes that my beautiful grandchildren will someday lead the way to a better world and pick up other compassionate, forgiving, people along the way.

Nothing is impossible, it only becomes impossible when you allow yourself to believe that it is. What incredible, magnificent and beautiful things are you going to allow?


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