That Ghost Just Walked Through The Door!

I Must Be Tripping, This Woman just walked through the Door

My house was built in 1763 before we were even the United States Of America and that’s pretty cool. Well, cool if you’re not psychically gifted like I am. I kept my ability a secret for decades until I was called out on it by an extremely gifted healer from England. She read me like a book and told me personal things about my gifts and experiences that absolutely no one else could have known about. It was as if this ginormous weight had been lifted off my shoulder and I could actually talk with someone about it without feeling like some kind of escaped freak from the circus. Anyway, that’s a story(a really good one) for another day, but keep in mind that what you are about to read is fact . . . as in . . . it really happened . . .

Directly off our living room, is a room that was built onto the existing house more than sixty years ago. It has many windows and very large French doors and we have used it as both a sun room and a bedroom. At the time of my sighting, my wife and I were using it as our bedroom. The position of our bed went from east to west and if you sat or lay down at the end of the bed and looked to the right, you looked straight out the French doors. There were and still are very sheer, thin curtains on either side of the doors for privacy

It was a very warm evening in early summer and I had opened up the French doors to allow a little bit of nice, cool, air flow into the bedroom in hopes of making it comfortable to sleep. At about two thirty in the morning, I woke up for some unknown reason and thought I heard footsteps coming down the front stairs. I thought it might be one of my daughters coming down to get a drink or something else so I lifted my head up off the pillow and looked out the French door. I was quite surprised when no one opened the door to the living room and came in as I was positively sure I heard footsteps coming down the old wooden stairs. The front stairs have a very distinct sound that can’t be mistaken for anything else so this didn’t make any logical sense to me. I thought that maybe whichever daughter it was had changed their mind or forgot what they were coming down for and decided to go back up stairs. The problem was that I didn’t hear any footsteps going back up, only down. I got out of bed to go check and see if everything was alright and started to shuffle towards the bedroom door so I wouldn’t wake up my wife. Just as I reached the French door, I witnessed a person walk right through the front door and into my living room.

I can’t describe it any differently because that is exactly what I saw. My heart damn near exited up and out of my mouth and I am pretty sure it skipped a few beats too. My brain processed what I was seeing and it was the figure of a small, petite, older woman with long salt and pepper hair. She was wearing a long sleeved, off white, night gown of some sort and was wearing a pair of what looked to be old fashioned bifocals. This was obviously no one in my household and I’m pretty sure that an old lady hadn’t broken into my house with the intent of robbing us. What I was seeing could only have been one thing, a ghost and a full body apparition! I tried to say something to get my wife’s attention and wake her up, but nothing would come out. I was frozen right where I stood and any attempt at moving was useless so I just stood there shaking in my pants, well, my underwear, and watched this apparition do it’s, I mean, her thing.

The thoughts and questions that were racing through my head traveled at warp speeds and they were the thoughts of an “average” man under some major stress. Here is a sampling of the rapid fire thoughts that tore through my mind at the speed of light; “I must still be asleep and I’m dreaming, no you’re not sleeping you’re very much awake!” “This really isn’t happening and when I open my eyes it will all be over!” “The ghosts are really F’ing with my mind tonight!” My head felt like it was a pressure cooker ready to pop its lid and explode all over the place. My use of traditional exclamations like “holy cow!” and “oh my” were replaced by unconventional words that my mother used to say when used by others only showed that they had a limited vocabulary. I even created some brand new, funky, words as my thoughts rambled like a mad man. It really and honestly does feel like the world you’re looking at is moving in slow motion, but in reality the event is but a brief moment of time that can be measured in seconds. Looking back, I think my episode with the apparition lasted about fifteen seconds, but it was definitely long enough to change the way I looked at and felt about both life and death.

There I was, standing in the doorway with my head sticking out and trying to look as inconspicuous as possible hiding behind the door hoping that I wouldn’t be seen and I swear she looked directly at me and gave me what seemed to be a nod of acknowledgement. I watched in awes as the apparition of this elderly woman made her way through the doorway heading into the kitchen. But just before she was about to enter the kitchen, she stopped and did something very strange. She bent down and made a motion with her left hand like she was petting a cat or dog. I’m sure of it and it was that gesture that made me realize that the apparition I was fixated on was once a living person on our earthly plain and probably lived in my house centuries ago and had a few cats and dogs for pets. She then stood up, went through the doorway and vanished into thin air. My cat Jesse bolted off the couch and charged into the kitchen like he was chasing something and I was literally right on his tail. It is my opinion that animals have a sixth sense and often see, feel and hear things that we can’t so I’m willing to bet that my cat Jesse saw this apparition too.

I took off out of my bedroom and ran into the kitchen to see if the apparition was still there and found the kitchen was empty, eerily empty. I immediately turned the kitchen light on and stood there circling in place in the middle of the floor moving like I was doing some alternative club dance. I really don’t know what I expected to see, but in my mind I was sure that during one of my spins I was going to turn around and the old lady would be right in front of me causing me to have a heart attack and join her on the other side. The only woman I saw standing in the kitchen was my wife who had followed me out because she saw me take off out of our bedroom and thought something bad had happened or I was sick. “What the hell are you doing, what’s the matter with you?” she said to me in one of those voices that bordered on concern and aggravation. It was at that moment when she really saw how upset and flustered I was because her tone of voice lightened up a little and she asked me again; “What’s going on, you look like you just saw a ghost?” I’m not kidding, those were her exact words to me and I started to laugh. My laughing got to the point where I was almost certain it would escalate into hysteria if I didn’t try to calm down and slow my breathing. My hysterical laughing had scared my wife to the point where she went and got a kitchen chair for me to sit on and then got me a glass of water. When I was finally able to catch my breath and my racing heart had slowed to a light jog, I told her the whole story from beginning to end and almost went back into hysterics towards the end of my ghostly monologue.

I was interrogated by my wife about this apparition as if I was some high profile criminal and all I kept repeating was; “I can’t believe I just saw that, I think she looked at me!” Of course I was asked the standard questions like; “Are you really sure you just weren’t dreaming, maybe you just thought you saw something?” And “Could it maybe have been the light playing tricks on your eyes making you think you saw something and your imagination went into overdrive?” My response to her was always the same and never wavered in the least little bit other than maybe adding in a few more details of the incident that I suddenly recalled. The only difference now was that instead of having only one freaked out person, there were now two. It took every bit of reasoning skills I knew to convince her that this apparition was not going to come back and chop us into little pieces while we slept and that no harm would come to the kids. In actuality, the feeling I was getting from this apparition was strangely peaceful and non- threatening. It was sort of like the feeling you get when you’re with your grandmother, it was very caring, loving and protective. After about ten minutes more of sitting in the kitchen, I regained my composure and was breathing normally again, but there was no way in hell that either one of us was going back to bed.

We went and sat in the living room and just in case my spirit friend decided to put on a repeat performance I made sure that I was sitting in the chair that faces the door to go upstairs. I wanted a front row seat, but my wife on the other hand did not and found it difficult to sit down anywhere because she feared this apparition would scare and terrorize her anywhere she sat. My wife was correct about one thing and that was the apparition could come out of anywhere and I was wrong to assume she would come back through the door in the living room unless this was a residual haunting in which case she would come back through the living room door. A residual haunting is when the apparition repeats the same scene over and over like a movie that’s been rewound and played again and again but, never strays from the last performance. It’s like the Universe takes a big hand held stamp of someone or something and impresses the image into our reality instead of the reality it should be in and it gets stuck here forever. In a residual haunt, you can’t interact with the subject as they are not aware that you are even there. I definitely didn’t get the feeling that this was a residual haunting as I still swear that she acknowledged me and was very much aware that I was staring at her. She never came back that night, but from the description I gave of her, my wife told me that I described her late grandmother who used to live in the upstairs apartment. I never met her, but after looking at a picture of her, well, the resemblance was uncanny, but I can’t say it was her for sure.

I never saw her again and neither did anyone else in my family until about twelve years later when she was seen by my daughter’s boyfriend. My oldest daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she and her boyfriend moved into the apartment upstairs. We were repairing the upstairs bathroom and it was out of service so everyone had to use the downstairs bathroom. Late one night, my daughter’s boyfriend came down to use the bathroom and when he went back upstairs, he asked my daughter who the old lady was sitting on the couch? “What old lady?” my daughter said chuckling, “Are you sure it wasn’t my mother?” My daughter’s boyfriend then described in full detail the old lady he had seen sitting on the couch and my daughter knew right away that he had seen the same apparition I saw many years ago. She told her boyfriend who and what he had seen and he almost freaked out exactly like I did when I saw her. “Oh my God!” he said, which was followed by; “I even said hi to her and she nodded at me, but when I came back through she was gone. I figured she had just gone to bed or something.” Neither of them could sleep that night and my daughter still feels that the apparition was my wife’s grandmother (her great grandmother) who paid us a visit to check in on her great, great, granddaughter who was just born.

I do not have a solid explanation of who this woman is and my wife has never seen the apparition so she can’t say for sure it’s her grandmother, but she says the way we described her matches her grandmother perfectly. I’d like to believe it’s her grandmother just hanging around, but I also have to wonder; if it is her, why she hasn’t crossed over to the other side. Who knows maybe she has crossed over and she really is strong enough to punch a hole through the veil between the living and the dead to occasionally visit us? My other thought is; what if it isn’t her, then who the hell is it and why was she here? Unless this apparition comes back and we can either video her, take a picture of her or my wife finally gets to see her, then I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure who she is or was and why she was here.

Over the years, every member of my family has had at least one paranormal experience in our house and while most have been harmless, a few have been scary enough for me to consider selling the house and moving someplace that has a little less paranormal activity. The issue with moving is that no matter where I move to, there is always a chance that a ghost or spirit could be occupying a space within that dwelling and because of my gift I would be fully aware of it being there and the entity would respond accordingly. There’s no escaping it so I must weigh the pros and cons of relocating someplace else. Sometimes it isn’t even the house or building that is haunted, but the land it’s built on that the spirits are attached to and there’s nothing you can do to make them leave. Ghosts can also attach themselves to objects like pieces of furniture, clocks, toys and pretty much anything else you can think of so the next time you’re at an antique shop or yard sale and you pick up an item that once belonged to someone else, you may be buying more than you bargained for. If you bring that item home and after a few days you start hearing voices or things start flying around the room then I suggest you remove the purchased item from your home immediately. If I chose to, I could probably write a novel about all the paranormal experiences I’ve had, well, at least enough stories to keep you reading for quite a long time. With each day that passes, new paranormal events and incidents will surely happen allowing me the chance to someday share them with you. The story is never ending, it is infinite and there are many people just like me who will be writing about and documenting paranormal activity around the world so that we may enlighten you about what you may doubt or refuse to believe really exists.


















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