Watching “The Chew” And The “Food Network” With My Dog Chewie!

Watching the Food Network with Chewie
Watching the Food Network with Chewie


After I became “The Domestic God” (read my about page for more info) There wasn’t much I could do other than look forward to all my upcoming, painful and torturous surgeries and accompanying physical therapy. Everything in my world moved in painstakingly slow motion, including me! Although I had my every day domestic chores to do, I also had to take breaks in between my domestic duties so that my muscles and terrible pain I was in subsided a bit.

During break time, me and my Yorkshire Terrorist Chewie would sit on the couch together and watch television. I was always screaming at the TV yelling things like; “500 stupid channels and nothing good to watch!” That was until I discovered all the awesome cooking shows that were on some of those channels. It’s no secret that I love to cook and my usual repertoire was getting pretty, pretty, boring and in dire need of a change. Hell, it needed a complete overhauling! So, everyday Chewie and I would flip on some culinary classes and take notes. (ya, that was kind of dumb when all I had to do was go online and print them out) hey, it gave me something extra to do and helped me with boredom.

It took me a while to get to know some of these brilliant chef’s and what their forte’s were, but soon I had my favorites. That doesn’t mean I don’t think they are all masterful chef’s because they are, but sometimes certain items were cooked, fried, steamed and baked, that I wouldn’t even let sit on my table, never-mind put in my mouth. There were also those items that, well, I couldn’t afford to buy, probably never. My day would start off with my absolutely favorite “group” cooking show . . . “THE CHEW!”

I really have to thank the cast of “The Chew” for not only helping me with my cooking skills and menu, but also for making me laugh when I really didn’t think I was ever going to laugh again. It would be such a blast to be a guest on that show, I can see it now . . . “Welcome To The Chew With Today’s Special Guest . . . The Original Domestic God!” That sounds so cool, doesn’t it?

Don’t touch that dial, next on the “Domestic God’s” list of Awesomeness is “Chef Anne Burrell” Although Super Chef Anne does create and prepare some fascinating dishes that I would personally never eat,  she too makes me laugh. I would say it’s about half and half on the menu items, but man has she been such a great teacher. And here I was thinking that I was the only one who talked and danced with my food, you rock Anne Burrell!

As I’m cleaning, writing and doing other “Domestic God” stuff, I always have the T V on (For Chewie) and I listen and glance at “Giada & The Barefoot Contessa” These ladies make it look so damn easy, but again, for me personally, the menu items I would make are about half and half. They do give me some great ideas to incorporate into my once ho-hum, meals. Then it’s time to sit my butt back down so I can watch the Woman who bakes, fry’s, broils and grills for a real man! Oh my God that sounded so, so, ridiculously, funny, but then again, I Am Funny! Anyway, can I get a whoop whoop for . . .

“The Pioneer Woman” O K, so it’s always been a dream of mine to have a farm, I know, I know, it’s a very demanding job and I have nothing but the utmost respect for any farmer or rancher such as a cattle or whatever it is they farm or raise. It’s not easy and they should be gloriously fed with some rib sticking, mouth watering grub! And that’s exactly what “The Pioneer Woman” cooks!  I sometimes have to wipe the spittle and drool from the sides of my mouth as I salivate over her chicken breast coated in bacon grease, grilled to perfection and then wrapped with the bacon where it is served on a grilled roll with garlic mayo! Great, now my stomach is growling . . . well, it’s time to go . . . and eat . . . Until next time, Peace, Light and Love to all of you!

The Domestic God!




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