Dutch Oven Double Dinners

Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven

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As I have said before; “Cooking In A Little Kitchen” really sucks, but that doesn’t mean the food has got too. And since I am the official  cook and killer Chef of the house (well, in my own mind anyway) If I can make creating awesome meals efficient and time saving, you bet your sweet  . . . butter I will! I bet you thought I was going to say something else didn’t you?

So here is a recipe for a two dinner (supper) that uses only one pot. Yup, you heard that right; two nights-two dinners-one pot. I decided to break out and break in my most awesome Christmas present from my daughter Paige which was an enamel dutch oven with a cast iron bottom. As you will come to see, I love cooking with cast iron,  food tastes great from it and it’s very versatile. It’s time to put your apron on and get cooking . . .

Pulled Beef Sandwiches And Spicy Beef With Rice, Carrots And Peas

You Will Need

A Dutch Oven that can go from the top of the stove and straight into the oven. Just like the one I have pictured with my cat Chloe who was quite enamored by it.


1-2 lbs stew beef or top round cut into nice beefy chunks

1/2 to 1 cup flour (season flour with salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika) (enough to coat the beef)

3 TBSP cornstarch

2-3 cans beef consume or beef stock (your choice)

1 cup red wine

1 small can tomato paste

2 TBSP steak sauce

1/2 large onion sliced thinly

A few mildly hot peppers (not too many, you don’t want to kill the taste or your stomach)

1/2 stick of butter

Large loaf of crusty french bread


Set oven to 325 degrees

Melt the 1/2 stick butter in dutch oven over medium heat on top of stove

Mix flour and cornstarch in a bowl and evenly coat pieces of beef. When butter has melted, place beef in dutch oven and cook on all sides until just slightly browned. Remove beef to separate plate and add red wine to dutch oven. Cook for several minutes scraping the bottom of pot until wine reduces by some.

Add in onions and cook for 3-5 minutes. Next add the tomato paste and steak sauce and stir well.  Place the beef back in the pot and add the consume or beef stock until beef is thoroughly covered and give it a good stirring. Toss a couple of the mildly hot peppers in the pot, cover and place in oven.

Cook for several hours stirring occasionally until beef is tender. Shred beef and stir well. The beef stock will thicken nicely as it cooks.

Cut the french bread into sandwich size pieces and split in half. Spoon shredded beef onto one side of bread and cover with the remaining slice. You can also add a couple of slices of cheese to the bread before spooning on mixture. The bread absorbs the gravy so nicely! So So Good!

Cover and refrigerate leftovers.


O K folks, here we go . . . round 2 . . . The left over shredded beef can be revitalized as a completely different meal either the following night or the night after, no longer than that.

You Will Need . . .

The left over shredded beef in the dutch oven

1 can carrots (drained) or a small bag frozen carrots thawed out

1 can peas (drained) or a small bag frozen peas

2 cups cooked rice (I like minute rice, it only takes like, well, a minute! DUH!)


Over low heat, slowly re-heat the shredded beef stirring frequently. When the beef is nice and hot, add rice, carrots, peas and stir well. If mixture is too thick, thin out with a little bit of water until desired consistency is reached.

Toss some in a bowl and serve with left over french bread (that’s of course there is any)

There you have it, two incredibly awesome meals Cooked In A Little Kitchen!

Even my dog Chewie liked it so I let him lick the spoon . . . that was after I was done with it of course!


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