Baseball Gone Bad!

I consider myself a fairly, reasonable, person, with a modest amount of compassion, common sense and understanding,  but today is just not one of them! It all started this morning when I heard on the news that the Florida Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton to a 325,000,000 contract. Let me repeat that; THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!

Firstly, I am not the biggest sports enthusiast in the world, but I basically can understand professional athletes making a fair wage. Notice that word I used; “FAIR”  325,000,000 is not fair . . “It’s a travesty of justice!” Seriously, .throwing, catching and hitting a ball is worth 325 million dollars? No, it’s not!

We (the USA), are in such a financial mess with poverty at an all time high and people think paying this guy some astronomical amount of money is valid? Maybe that’s why in order for a family to go to a ball game they have to remortgage their home! What is wrong everyone?

FACT: According to

  •   “The number of homeless students enrolled in American Public Schools jumped dramatically again in 2013!
  • in the 2012-2013 school year; There were 1,258, 182 homeless students. That’s ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED FIFT EIGHT THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO poor kids who didn’t even have a home to go to after school!
  • The number of homeless students has increased 85% since the beginning of the recession.

But yet, we think it’s so cool to pay some guy over 3 million dollars to throw a ball! But wait; According to http://www.Curesearch.og

  • In 2013, three thousand two hundred seventy seven (3,277) children dies of cancer!  and
  • The average salary for a U.S. soldier is $41,988 per year.

So the soldier gets less money to take a bullet or get blown up to protect our country and our freedom than a guy who . .THROWS A BALL!

Nothing makes sense anymore and we are really living in a sad, materialistic, uncaring society.




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