Healing The World With Love In My Hands!

I AM A HEALER,  I always knew there was something greater inside of me beyond what is thought of as traditional. This “GIFT,” which I once thought of as a curse has been truly rewarding, but only after I accepted and surrendered to its positive existence.

As a child it frightened me- as an adult-It Frightened Me More! It was more  than the multitude of faces I did not recognize when I closed my eyes and it was more than “The Gift of Knowing”  when someone left this earth to begin their next journey.

It was Nature, it was the Cosmo’s it was the way everything is “Supposed” to be. It was there all the time, but I denied it. Not only did I deny it-I ignored it-and that’s when the Universe forcefully grabbed me by my skepticism and made it known to me in a violent, but deserved manner.

I was also sent an Angel -in human form, to assist and guide me in my quest for healing and redemption. And in that moment, it was as if everything I needed to know had made itself known to me-and I cried!

They were tears of sadness, of joy and of “Freedom” the likes of which I had never felt or touched before. And then, as if by some grand design, I heard and felt the calling! Everything was going to be alright now, Everything is as it should be, and the Universe is smiling once again.



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