Shamballa On!



What is Shamballa Multidimensional Healing? Shamballa is a blend of several different types of energy, but its essence is Love and Freedom. It consists of;

  • (Reiki) Universal Life Force Energy; The energy that runs through all beings and “objects” around you. Everyone and Everything is made up of this Love energy.
  • Mahatma Energy; It is also known as the “I AM” It is the awareness of the self, as the Source. This is one of the most powerful energies of Pure, Unconditional Love. It’s when you reach inside yourself and find the Wholeness, the Oneness and realize that everyone else is a part of you and you are a part of everyone and everything else. ALL IS ONE!
  • Christ Consciousness or the Energy of the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are beings who have completed their reincarnation cycles and now exist in spirit form as teachers of humanity. Their purpose is to assist others in their spiritual evolution and the evolution of the planet as a whole.

What is meant by Multidimensional Healing? We are all Multidimensional beings. We have many bodies- physical, emotional, mental and many spiritual bodies as well. Shamballa energies can heal us on all vibrational levels.

Shamballa treatments can be done in any space or setting from a dimly lit healing room where the client is lying down to sitting up in a chair in any room or office . . .anytime, anywhere . . . Remember, there are no limits to when you can be a channel for healing.

The Shamballa (Reiki) Practitioner may begin by saying; “I AM an instrument of your will” or something similar as this means we, as facilitators place our desires in the hands of the Source. The Source can be God, Mother/Father God, The Divine or any spiritual deity that a person resonates with. It doesn’t matter how we individually refer to our Oneness as we are all born and connected by the Divine Light of the Universe. The practitioner will then place their hands on (if permission is granted) or above various regions of the client and change positions as guided by intuition, guides and other higher powers. The Practitioner will move energy through your body and may, if directed to do so, use gems, crystals or sacred stones to assist in the healing process. When finished, the Practitioner will give thanks for the healing that occurred.





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