The Domestic God’s View On The Existence Of Extraterrestrials



When this Domestic God was seven years old, he had an experience that would forever change his beliefs about UFO’s and aliens. Of course I’m talking about myself and yes, it’s as true and real as life itself. That is of course unless life is one big illusion, then we’re all in trouble. Anyway, imagine being a little kid and waking up in the middle of the night, looking out a window and seeing an object that you know is not a plane, helicopter or any other known flying machine you’ve ever seen before and you are definitely not dreaming this. A frightening experience like this would stay with you forever just as it has become a surreal part of my life.


What Was That Thing?


It was the humming that woke me up, a deep, vibrating and humming. I ran into my parent’s room and saw through the pulled down shade; red, blue and yellow circulating lights. I quietly walked over and lifted the shade up about three inches and peered out into my backyard. A very large pond bordered our yard and there were woods behind it. My eyes locked on to the lights dancing on the water and followed them straight up. I found myself staring at this ginormous triangular object hovering above the pond. My thoughts were reeling and I was holding my breath, scared to breathe. My mother surprised me when she suddenly appeared behind me and I could see the look of terror on her face as she clearly was seeing the same thing I was. She pulled the shade down, took me by the hand and hurriedly escorted me back to my room. “What was that thing?” I asked my mother. “You’re sleepwalking and dreaming honey.” My mother softly said to me. “Now go back to bed.” I questioned her again the next morning and received the same response. Thirty five years passed before my mother finally admitted to me that I wasn’t dreaming that night and yes, it was a UFO! Both my mother and father watched it travel south still hovering above the water until they couldn’t see it any longer. I had been vindicated and now I knew that what I saw that night was real. Many other people witnessed the UFO that night and it was a leading story in the local newspaper the next day. UFO’s do exist, I’m sure of it.


Are We Alone In The Universe?


According to the number of galaxies in the Universe may be as high as 500 billion and the number of Earth like planets in our galaxy close to 17 billion. Simply put: If there are 17 billion Earth like planets in our galaxy, it’s clear that the Universe has the potential to be teeming with life. This Domestic God knows for certain that life does exist outside our Earth and we have been visited by them many, many, thousands of times. It would be absolutely self-centered and egotistical to think otherwise. Through personal research, I have determined that most of our space visitors come from civilizations that are millions, possibly billions of years older than ours and possess technologies that we don’t have and probably won’t have until thousands of years from now. Someday, the world will find out the truth that there is life outside our small speck of space called Earth and you can say; “I knew that, the Domestic God told me!”








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